Square Eyed Stories is a British small press comic, and was founded in September 1997 by Jim McGee and members of the Ian Hering Comics Workshop at Liverpool Community College. The first issue came out in January 1998 and while the membership of the group has changed since the days of the Comics Workshop, it has continued to be produced by the same core team, as well as contributors from around the UK and abroad.

A new issue of Square Eyed Stories is published annually, and it can be found at many UK comic conventions, especially those with a sizeable small press presence; look for the Square Eyed Stories table. As each issue of SES goes out of print, the strips are added to the online archive.

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Square Eyed Stories can also be found on Facebook and Tumblr.



Jim McGee – Behance


Arthur Goodman – Favourite Crayon
David Goodman – Bahala Na!

John Bishop – Eyemelt
Gary Dormer
Kevin Garnett
Stuart McCarthy – Duraluminwolf
Jonah Stevenson
Iain Thomas
Laura Watton – Pink Apple Jam
Richard Woods

Ash – Zombina and the Skeletones
Ian Carney
Kez Collins
Jamie Craw
Giannina Gomez
Harry H. Healy
Gavin Hodge
Peter J Lawson
Michael McGee
Paul Molyneux
Matthew Morgan
Nayyar Mughal
Ugo Nwosu
Byron Orlok
Andrew Robinson
Aaron Smith
John Stone
Dave Willacy